The Cloud…..

The Cloud……

cloudsalesguideimage_60x60 (1)

And no not those clouds……..this………


Before you start panicking, don’t worry, The Cloud is not as complicated it looks above! And it is so much more too…..

(And don’t worry if you aren’t sure on things – just click the highlighted words or phrases and they will take you to a Glossary of Terms that I got Service Address to produce for you or through to the website of that person or company as I didn’t want you getting lost or feeling this was too much for you)

To help understand more as to what The Cloud is all about, I persuaded The Social Piggy following getting together with Ian Calvert and Simon Porter, to approach Service Address to see if they and Simon Porter would put together some helpful information on The Cloud for you.


So, here is the result, three really useful guides on The Cloud and what it is all about and how it can help you and your business. Simon Porter is the Vice President for Mid Market Sales across Europe at IBM, so getting these articles for you, is enabling you learn from one of the most involved, technology aware and forward thinking companies that there is Worldwide. So, here Simon takes you through The cloud in the 1st of 3 simple to understand guides

This page will be updated regularly, so please feel free to pop back anytime you need to understand The Cloud a bit more….

If you want to know anything more, have a question or have any suggestions, please let me know by completeing the form below:-


3 thoughts on “The Cloud…..

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